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DRY-DROPPER RIG Fly Selection (18 Flies)

A dry-dropper set-up or rig can often be one of the most effective ways to fish. You are basically covering the surface and sub-surface water at the same time.
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Fishing a dry-dropper rig can be one of the best (and fun) ways to fly fish. You are covering both of the most effective fly fishing methods at the same time - dry fly fishing and nymphing. The Dry-Dropper Rig selection includes dry flies that float well and can hold up the nymphs in this group. Check out the pictures on how the rig should look and for a good design of a typical dry-dropper leader. 

TIP: Use the bigger, foam dry flies with the larger nymphs; the smaller dry flies with the smaller non-bead head nymphs. Don't forget to put floatant on you dry fly...

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