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  • Is there any way I can try the gear I am interested in?

    You are more than welcome to come by the shop and try anything we sell. Also, we use a lot of the rods you see on the website on our guided trips. If you do a guided trip with us, you may be able to fish the type of rod you are interested in for a whole day before you buy it. Check out the Land of Enchantment Guides website or give us a call for more information on our guided fly fishing trips.

  • Which is the best line for a specific rod?

    Every fly rod make, length and weight can generally handle any fly line that is of the same weight class as the rod. This being said, different lines and rods will work better than others for specific styles of fly fishing and in different water conditions. We have used many different types of lines on most of the rods we sell. Don't hesitate to give us a call and we'll do our best to get you steered in the right direction for the type of fishing your are going to be doing.

  • Can you put the a fly line and backing on a reel I buy?

    Yes. Once you decide on what reel, line and backing you want to get, let us know that you would like us to load the reel for you. We are happy to do it but would encourage all anglers to learn how do this themselves. It is really easy and you may need to do it on your own at some point. The video below is the best one we have seen on how to do it your self.

  • So many flies to choose from; which ones should I get?

    The choices of fly patterns are endless. We try to only sell flies that we use and know that work. If you aren't sure which ones to get, please give us a call and talk to us about where you will be fishing and what the water is like - we'll do our best to make honest suggestions as to what to pick. Another option is to check out our fly selections which are designed for specific types of fly fishing and locations.

  • Can you get a fly pattern that isn't on your website?

    Yes. All of our guides and the folks that work in the shop are great fly tyers and we can arrange to custom tie almost any fly out there. We do need a fair amount of lead time on any custom fly orders, especially during the summer. Give us a call and we can discuss what you are interested in getting.

  • Dam it! I broke my fly rod! Now what do I do?

    Don't sweat it; everybody does it. All the fly rods we sell come with a really good repair/warranty policy. What you need to do is contact the manufacturer and get to their rod repair department. They will have you ship it to them for repair and charge you a nominal fee to either fix or replace your fly rod. If you have any questions get in touch with us. If you are close by, bring your rod into the shop and we'll help you with it.

  • When is the best time of year to fish in northern New Mexico and southern Colorado?

    We have great fishing year-round in our area. There are less spots available in the winter but the fishing can still be good. To get more information on what to expect throughout the whole year here, check out this article: Four Seasons of Fly Fishing in Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado.


    Good Luck Fishing!