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Parachute Madam X - "PMX" (2 Colors)

The "PMX" works well as an adult stonefly or grasshopper and the smaller sizes can represent smaller hoppers or caddis.
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The Parachute Madam X is a terrestrial attractor pattern that can imitate hoppers, cicadas, stone flies and caddis. With it's white parachute post, even the smaller sizes are easy to see on the water. The original Madam X pattern (without a parachute hackle) was designed by Doug Swisher for for fishing on the Bitterroot River in Montana. The PMX version has the added white post and parachute hackle which added visibility and flotation to the original design. This is one of our go-to dry flies, especially in the summer and fall. Both colors available in size 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 & 18.

TIP: If you want to go against the grain, try a Squirmy Wormie as a deep dropper off the back of a larger PMX.

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