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Heavyweight Kaufmann Stonefly

Tied with a large tungsten bead, this rubber leg version of the Kaufmann stonefly nymph gets down to the fish in a hurry.
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Randal Kaufmann is one of the most well-respected fly tiers and designers in the country and his stonefly nymph is one of his most effective patterns. Stonefly nymphs spend 2 to 3 years of their life crawling in the rocks on the bottom of the river. Our version is tied with a large tungsten bead to get down to the bottom quickly and into the zone where trout will be targeting these big bugs. The longer rubber legs add a lot of life and movement as well, making this fly appear to be a large, easy meal. Available in sizes 6 & 8.

TIP: Try to make sure you have your depths set correctly so that this fly rides at least 6" off the bottom.

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