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Emerging Midge Pupa with Gills

Midges are a prime food source for trout in almost all rivers, streams and lakes. This pattern looks like a midge pupa getting ready to hatch into an adult.
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Midge larva and pupa are a constant food source for trout in tailwaters, freestones and stillwaters, especially in the winter and early spring. When midges become a pupa and are getting ready to hatch, they often exhibit exposed, bright white gills right at their heads. This pattern has a Z-lon fiber tuft extending from the bead at the head of the fly, making it a great match of a real midge pupa. Available in sizes 16 & 18.

TIP: This pattern works well in tailwater in a 2 fly set-up under an indicator. Try a Rasta Bugger or a Pine Squirrel Leech as your bottom fly. 

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