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Dinsmores EGG SHOT 4-Sizes Dispenser

These dispensers have the most useful split shot sizes for fly fishing - you will be covered for all types of water conditions.
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This egg shaped shot is super-soft and easy to pinch on any leader or tippet material. Dinsmores made "Black Egg" split shot specifically for fly fishing; it tends to have less wind resistance when casting and is less likely to snag the bottom when fishing. These shots are made from a 100% stable tin alloy so they are completely non-toxic. All Dinsmores shots have a small divot at the split for easy line location and shot removal. Flat Black. Made in England.

  • Regular size selection works well in most conditions
  • Micro size selection is more for smaller flies and midges
  • Flat black color for stealthy presentations
  • 100% environmentally safe
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