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Orvis Pro POWER TAPER Smooth

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Tailor your rod to a wider range of fishing conditions with the PRO Smooth Power Taper Fly Line. Perfect for heavier rigs; both dry flies and nymphs.
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The PRO Smooth Power Taper Fly Line is designed for easier loading of fly rods at a half-size heavier than industry standard grain weight. The advanced compound taper design allows for easier turn-over of heavier rigs including larger dries, dry-dropper rigs, nymphs, and streamers. The Power Taper will load a rod deeper and quicker than a traditionally weighted line, helping to enhance "feel" and improve timing during the cast. The 50' head adds length for better line control and loop stability and the longer head excels at on-water maintenance for mending on longer drifts.

  • Improved floatation and performance
  • AST Plus treatment provides slickness
  • Orvis Line ID to quickly and easily identify line
  • Enhanced welded loop
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